Career Profile

I am working on developing a service that is not dependent on the platform. I am, as a developer, a full-stack developer. In order to develop a service that is not dependent on the platform, I have carried out the project with various roles from back-end development to front-end development.

I have developed an HTML5 based cross-platform hybrid mobile app service. I have developed modules that can be used for server and client application development and have established APIs for various programs.

When I work on a project, I design, build and distribute my project development environment. I am also responsible for reviewing, integrating and distributing source code written by team members.


Senior Research Developer

2018 - Present, Republic of Korea

I am currently the leader in designing and developing cloud-based microservices. I am working with my team to develop intelligent crawler and reusable component-based views. And I am researching how to develop server, web and mobile apps with a single code.

I am working on using artificial intelligence to develop administrator services and applications for my doctorate degree.

Team Leader Developer

2015 - 2017, Republic of Korea

I was the team lead developer in the task of refactoring the company's web service into a cloud-based microservice architecture. I designed and led the system using AWS cloud services to develop, test, and deploy exiting Monolithic On-Premise services for each service, with no depenency

I introduced Jira, Cofluence, and Bitbucket in-house for employees to systematically manage their work, documents, and source code. It also enabled Stride to use in-house business communication and developed several modules and APIs to connect the services needed in the company.

Associate Research Engineer

2009 - 2017, Republic of Korea

I developed server program and client program for web service. I have developed programs that run on Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. I have developed iOS and Android applications and have developed hybrid mobile applications using HTML5 technology.

I did an Ontology based semantic search study and got a degree.

Projects - It is an information site for hiring master's and doctorate degrees. Existing services have been completely reorganized to develop and operate in a cloud-based environment.
hibrainapps - It is to develop website services as HTML5 based hybrid mobile application KMS - It is a project to develop a knowledge management system
SQL Note - A mobile application that can fully test a SQLite database.


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Skills & Proficiency




Typescript & Angular

Ruby on Rails


PhoneGap & Cordova